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12 Ton Pneumatic Aircraft Liftbags

NSN # 1730-00-263-2962 Pneumatic Bag, Aircraft, 12 Ton Capacity, Type F-2


NSN: 1730-00-263-2962 - 12 to 40 Ton Models

The 12 Ton Pneumatic Aircraft Lifting Bag is a device used to lift crippled aircraft from terrain where it is impractical or impossible to use standard aircraft jacks. Prolift is currently manufacturing these air lifting pneumatic bags for foreign air forces and commercial airports throughout the world (NSN #1730-00-263- 2962) All Prolift aircraft lift bags are constructed of the same MS4000 fabric as our underwater lift bags, these lift bags are extremely resistant to extreme atmospheric temperatures, abrasion petrochemicals. and decomposition. ALB’s include lacing bands on all 4 sides at the top which allows inversion and connection of an additional unit to achieve greater heights. Each Aircraft Bag comes complete with: 1” diameter x 50 foot Inflation Hose Protective Ground cover ALB12 Specifications: Inflated dimensions: 90" x 78" x 72" / 229cm x 198cm x 183cm Weight: 180 lbs. / 82 kgs. Lift Capacity: 12 tons U.S. / 11 tons Metric Built and constructed according to U.S. Mil-P-6640C / Drawing 48C7171 Maximum Operating Pressure 3.5 PSI / 0.25 BAR ALB16-40 Specifications: All ALB comes with 50 foot Hose (Three with 3 chamber bags) and Ground Cover ALB’s are fitted with handles for ease of handling and positioning. Lift Capacity in based on U.S. Tons Ability to double stack to create more height ALB2 Light Aircraft Specifications: A smaller version of the ALB12. Measures 40” x 40” square and a height of only 55”. The lacing bands located on 4 sides allows them to be double stacked in the same manner as the large version. One 3/4”Inflation Port, One Outlet Sleeve, 50 foot Hose and Ground Cover. Used in conjunction with our Wrecker Bags for small aircraft lifting bag packages.

12 Ton - 40 Ton Lift Capacity

ALB12 Ton - NSN 1730-00-263-2962 ALB20-3C Three Chamber Model - Russia Airport
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