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Open Bottom Parachute Bags

Open bottom bags are Versatile and easy-to-use, Prolift Open Bottom lift bags are also available in the Open Bottom Style and with an totally enclosed bottom. Enclosed bottom versions include Over pressure valves to properly vent, allows the liftbag to be pre filled, and will not dump air when breaking the surface. Just request the enclosed bottom parachute from PROLIFT.

LIGHT DUTY : 150 - 2000 lb. LIFTBAGS

Small commercial models have lift capacities of 150 -2000 lbs. All are equipped with

lanyard operated Quick Change Dump Valve. 10,000 lb. breaking strength polyester

webbing fabricated into the bag body, 5000 lb. master load rings and shackles. Light Duty

lift bags are designed for portability, single diver use and to withstand years of abuse.

Quick Change Dump Valves only from Prolift!

Our quick change dump valve design means you will never be without our lift bags when you need them most. Our custom flange is fabricated into the top of 150 to 2000 lb. light duty commercial bags. The pvc dump valve which is built and calibrated in our factory with all stainless steel / pvc construction simply screws into the flange. If the valve ever needs to be replaced unscrew the old one, screw in the new one, your back in business in less than 5 minutes! The dump valve can be operated below by a pull of the lanyard or above by pushing in on the disc.

4000 - 70,000 lb. HEAVY DUTY LIFTBAGS

Large Commercial models have lift capacities of 2 ton - 35 ton and are equipped with Stainless Steel Deflation valve and Air Coupler Inflation Valve. 20,000 lb. nylon replaceable webbing harness, with appropriate master load rings and shackles. FEATURES: • All seams RF Welded • Fold compact for easy handling and storage • Single pick up point • Suitable for all water depths • Design safety factor of 6:1 • Complete with operation and maintenance manual upon request • Manufactured and tested according to IMCA D016, Rev 3, AIR LIFT BAGS

Available in 150 lb. - 35 Ton Lift


Prolift Parachute Style or Open Bottom Lift bags range from 150 lb. to 35 Ton (68kg-35,000kg) lift capacity. Prolift professional open bottom parachute lift bags are the most commonly used in commercial and military salvage. Manufactured from our specially formulated MS4000 fabric built durable to withstand many years of abuse with a safe working load of 6:1. APPLICATIONS: Deep water salvage Commercial and Military use Light salvage Object recovery Underwater construction Oceanic Research
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1 Ton and Below: • Treated webbing with 10,000 lb. break strength • 5000 lb. Stainless Steel D-Ring Single Pick Point • 6:1 Safe Working ratio • 100% Electronically Welded
2 Ton and above: • Treated Replaceable Lifting Harness • Single Pick Point with Master Link and Shackle • 6:1 Safe Working ratio • 100% Electronically Welded
Order by phone or online e: sales@proliftbags.com OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm Eastern Time OFFICE TEL: 850-865-0119
add 15% to cost for the Enclosed Bottom Version