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Enclosed Pillow Lift Bags

Pillow bags are used in underwater salvage more than any other style of lift bag. The most versatile bag for towing, shallow water, and rigging.

Prolift Pillow Bags

Totally Enclosed Pillow Style Lift bags in range of 200-6000lb / 90-3000kg. lift capacity. The Prolift enclosed pillow bag is the most versatile lift bag when shallow water or towing is a concern. The pillow style can be rigged in an upright or flat position. The pillow can also be used inside vessels under decking. All enclosed pillows are manufactured from our MS-4000 specially formulated fabric. Over pressure valves for venting expanding air during ascent. Stainless steel ball valve deflation and stainless steel air coupler on every bag. Every enclosed pillow bag is designed with a pick point located at the bottom and handles are located at the top. The webbing harness is manufactured with an overall breaking strength of 20,000 lbs. There are a multitude of rigging options. Perfect for vessel salvage, automobile recovery, underwater construction, logging, dock support during flotation repair, and aircraft recovery. Pillow Bags are available with pocket for air cylinder 2000 lb. model for underwater vehicle recovery. Vehicle Lift System

Available in 200-6000 lb. Lift


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