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Towing Recovery - Wrecker Bags

Prolift Low Pressure lifting bags for wrecker recovery of cars, trailer rigs, small aircraft, or debris. Working with as littile has 5 psi. the volume produced lets you create large lift capacities using the full stroke of the bag.

Prolift Wrecker Recovery Lift Bag Set

Prolift Low-pressure bag systems are essentially high lift bags that operate at 6.0 psi maximum working pressure. Low-pressure cushions provide vertical lift over a large surface area and work especially well on thin skinned, light walled vehicles like aluminum truck trailers, tankers, buses or aircraft. The construction of low-pressure bags utilizes double-ply strong, reinforced fabric material for the top and bottom surfaces. The internal structure is designed with nylon strapping supports. The cushion itself is constructed of a simple MS4000 TPU Blend fabric that's impregnated and bonded with specially formulated compounds. The largest low-pressure lifting bags are 60 inches diameter and can lift 10 tons at a height of 110". Maximum lifting capacity is achieved only when the bag is fully inflated. Prolift Low pressure systems have pressure relief valves installed at a working pressure of 6.0 psi.


Lifting capacity can be increased using two or more low-pressure bags side-by- side and simultaneously inflating the bags. Keep in mind that cribbing is not needed with Prolift Low Pressure Cushions to achieve maximize lifting height as well as lifting force.

COMPLETE SETS 40 or 80 tons of lift power!

Every set of Wrecker bags includes: 25 foot EPDM 1-1.25” Inflation Hoses with Choice Lock fittings 10 Foot EPDM Black Manifold Hose with Cam Lock Fittings 6 or 12 Bank Control Manifold Lightweight Aluminum Construction Position Poles 6-12 ft Adjustable Length Gas Powered Compressor Maximum Thrust Blower 25 foot EPDM ½” inflation Hose Starter Bags Hot Air Repair Kit - Never Glue a repair again! Instruction/Maintenance Manual

Available in complete sets of 40 -

80 tons of lift!

Trailer Lift utilizing 5 Top-off Wrecker Bags Trailer Lift utilizing 6 Top-off Wrecker Bags
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Applications for our Wrecker Bags: Towing & Recovery Fire & Rescue Military Light Aircraft (or in conjunction with our Aircraft Lift bags) Construction
Starter Bags 11-TONS LIFT Sized: 15” x 15”
The PROLIFT Starter bag for use with our wrecker bag sets or as a stand alone lift bag for search & rescue, 1/4” Air Coupler, two handles, 25 ft. industrial 1/2” EPDM hose, and carry bag. Lays flat enough when deflated to fit in less than a 1” cavity! Ruber and Kevlar reinforcement will stand for years of abuse.
Vehicle Wrecker Bag System: 4- 2000 lb bags with accessories 4- 50 foot hoses with fittings 1- Four bank manifold 2- Carry cases for the system
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