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Shallow Water Lifting Bags

When you need to float an object in extremely shallow water PROLIFT shallow water bags are your choice. Designed to be rigged in any position – upright or flat, outside or inside of structures. SW Bags are designed for multi applications.

The Shallow Water Bag from Prolift

Prolift Shallow water lift bags are the most commonly used for moving boulders, moorings, cable and pipe lines. With the Shallow water lift bag you are able to extract the maximum amount of lift in the minimal amount of water. Manufactured from our specially formulated MS4000 fabric built durable to withstand many years of abuse. Shallow water lift bag models have lift capabilities from 200 - 4000 lbs. All models have a multi-strap configuration with a 5000 lb. Stainless Steel D-Ring Single or Multiple attachments on bottom and top side. All models are constructed using state of the art electronic welding technology. Each and every bag comes equipped with over pressure valves, inflation and deflation port. Shallow water bags can also be used has jacks in dock and pier construction.

Available in 1000 - 4000 lbs.

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Relief Valves release at  2.5 psi above ambient pressure on all totally enclosed model lift bags