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Underwater Lift Bag Accessories

Salvage accessories, straps, hooks, shackles, hoses, replacement valves repair kits etc..
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HOSE50 - 3/8” x 50’ft. Hose includes S/S Air Coupler
Small Hot Air Repair Kit- Small Hot Air Gun, roller and 20 Patches
WBMRK- Master Hot Air Repair Kit. Industrial Hot Air Gun, 2 rollers, and 100 Patches.
OPVBLK- Over Pressure Valve
CUSTOM Lift Straps
MULTI- Set of 2(two) straps, 14 foot long with eyes at each end. Additional eyes at 4, 6, 8, and 10 foot spans
GSP- Galvanized Shackles
DUMPV- Lanyard dump valve for open bottom models PL150 thru PL2000
SSBV- Stainless Steel Ball Valves
HPY30 - 30” H.P. Hose with Yoke and male air coupler. Below: Part# HPY30x2
MAN4 - 4 Bank Manifold Brass & S/S construction