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5 Year Warranty- Wrecker / Catch Bags

When it comes to customer service, trust, value, reliability, and durability those in

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Product Disclaimer All Products sold by Prolift LLC are for use by professionals properly trained in scuba diving, underwater salvage, towing recovery & rescue work. All underwater salvage, recovery and rescue work involves hazardous activity and risk. It is the duty and responsibility of the purchaser to properly educate themselves and/or their employees in the use of the products we sell. The purchaser is responsible to determine that our products are suitable for their intended use. Further, to validate the Prolift LLLC warranty, the operator / end user must be a Licensed Professional. Wrecker / Catch Bag Warranty Validation Information To validate your warranty, you must have at least one member of your staff who is in command and a trained professional in Towing & Recovery, and/or Recovery of Aircraft or trained in Search & Rescue with the use of low and high pressure lifting bags. When used with a Prolift supplied blower system, wrecker bags and catch bags are fully warranted for materials and workmanship for a period two (2) years with an additional 3 years prorated thereafter. During the 2 years after delivery date your warranty will cover repair or replacement of your wrecker bags and/or catch bags. You will receive an extended three (3) years pro-rated warranty for a total of five (5) years. If any lifting bag fails due to defects in either material or workmanship while a trained professional operator is utilizing the lifting bag and /or blower system supplied, Prolift, LLC will repair or replace the lifting bag at our option. Therefore, for years three (3) through five (5), we will repair or replace the lifting bag at our option on a pro-rated basis as follows: • Year 3, your cost not to exceed 70% of the latest retail price. • Year 4, your cost not to exceed 80% of the latest retail price. • Year 5, your cost not to exceed 90% of the latest retail price. Warranty Does Not Cover... Damage to material due to chemical contamination, physical abuse, malicious damage, negligence, accidents, storage damage, misuse or fire. If the ownership of a Prolift Wrecker Lifting Bags or Catch Bag system changes, no warranty claims will be honored. Warranty of Prolift LLC Products is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Freight and Transportation costs are always the customer's responsibility. For return instructions, call Prolift LLC Customer Service @ (850) 865-0119 or E-mail Us. All products should be returned to our warehouse address located on our contact page. TRADE IN YOUR DEFECTIVE BAGS FROM OTHER MANUFACTURERS !! PROLIFT LLC WILL EXCHANGE YOUR PRODUCT FROM OTHER MANUFACTURERS WITH A NEW PROLIFT PRODUCT OF EQUIVALENT LIFT CAPACITY! EMAIL US WITH YOUR INVENTORY. CONTACT US FOR FURTHER DETAILS.
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